• Kolej Mutiara

    1. College Mutiara Kajang was establish on 16th September 2002 to fullfill the ever increasing demand for quality tertiary education and skill development for people of walks of life.
      The objective which comes along with its establishment as a private education institution is as follows:

    2. i)To create an avenue for those working adults who have not attained formal education or skill training.

    3. ii)To expose youths with skill and knowledge base education so that they are employable in this maturing technologies and service industry.

    4. iii)To equip skills for unemployed.

    WHY Kolej Mutiara ?

    1. Top Reasons:

      i) Our fees are cheaper or comparable with other private college. PTPTN is available for all courses.

      ii) Convenience of transportation (Bus and Train), so need not worry about your transport.


      iii) All programme are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).


      iv) Accommodation is provided and it is free (Hostel).


      iv) Insurance is provided to students, rest assure you are well protected.


      vi) Advance to 3rd year of Degree.


      vii) Pocket money will be given for every semester.


      viii) All lecturers are well experienced and understand the needs of every students.

Message from IEG Director

Warm greeting from Interface Education Group!

Interface Education Group has collaborated with institution at home and abroad to provide access to relevant and cost-effective quality educational opportunities to working adults throughout the country.

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