Message from IEG Director

    Warm greeting from Interface Education Group!

    Interface Education Group has collaborated with institution at home and abroad to provide access to relevant and cost-effective quality educational opportunities to working adults throughout the country.

    Our initiative to provide lifelong educational opportunities, aims to support and complement the initiative of the corporate sector and Malaysian government objective of placing local organization at the forefront of global competitiveness. Our life long educational programmes have created opportunities for working adults to participate in our programmes and upgrade their knowledge and skills.

    The platform created by the Group is in line with the Malaysian government objective of transforming Malaysia into high income society though human capital development and innovation.

    The strong support received from the industries had enabled the Group to have 15 learning centre's throughout the country with more than 5000 working adults studying in our centres pursuing their educational ambition for their educational ambition for their career development.

    With the continuous support from all our stakeholders, we look forward to be in the radar screen to emerge as a leader in lifelong education in Asia.

    Thank You.